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Keep Your Property Neat with Leaf Removal in Fairfax Station, VA

When Mother Nature drops leaves all over your property, she’s not doing you a favor. She’s adding a lot of extra yard work that you don’t have time for without getting stressed. At Craig’s Lawn Care, we have the time, and we’re ready to help you by providing services for leaf removal in Fairfax Station, VA. When the leaves begin to fall, it doesn’t happen all at once, and you can book us to come back for a few visits to make sure we get them all. Your yard will look great, and be ready for the spring when we clean up all the leaves.

Not only do leaves make your yard look untidy and provide places for insects and other pests to hide, but they also can affect how water flows away from your home. We’ll ensure drainage isn’t a problem by taking care of gutter cleaning at your house while we’re removing the leaves from the grounds as well.

We aim to remove the most leaves in the least amount of time, and we’ll put them at the curb for municipal vacuum service where appropriate. Where this doesn’t apply, we can use our own vacuum service at no extra charge within 24 hours.

We do it this way as we believe it’s the way to deliver the best results at considerable savings, especially compared to putting leaves in plastic bags. Contact us today and speak to us about our lawn care, leaf, and gutter services.