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Aeration and Overseeing for Fairfax Station, VA, and Beyond

Properties in Northern Virginia tend to have compact clay soil, making it difficult for grass to flourish. Fortunately, Craig’s Lawn Care has the solutions your property needs for a lush, green lawn. We perform aeration and overseeding in Fairfax Station, VA, and the surrounding area to enhance your exterior.

For best results, we typically perform this two-part process after Labor Day when the weather conditions are optimal, in September or October. Early spring is also a good time. First, we use a core aerator to remove small cores of soil from the ground, which will lay on the surface until they break down. Aerating makes it easier for roots to grow, in addition to other benefits. Next, we typically overseed the area with sun or shade grass seed. The seeds will drop into the hole to germinate, producing better results than simply spreading them over the surface.

Our aeration and overseeding charges are based on square footage. Contact us today to get an estimate or learn more about how the process works. We also invite you to ask about our other lawn care services so that you can set the standard on your street.

Watering Instructions

Upon completion of aeration and overseeding, your participation in maintaining damp soil during the following weeks will have a direct influence on your results. Ideally, you want to maintain moisture in the upper half-inch of the soil until germination, which takes about two weeks. Thus, you should water your lawn 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the early evening. If there is a good rain, this should satisfy the moisture requirement for a few days without you having to water.