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Your First Choice for Gutter Cleaning in Fairfax Station, VA

Although it’s easy to forget about, your gutter system plays an essential role in the maintenance of your roof’s integrity. Without clean gutters, pooling water can lead to leaks, damages, and other costly repairs. Additionally, water falling from your roof without guidance can wash away the landscaping that you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. For these reasons, it’s critical to ensure that your property’s gutters are clean and ready to handle the rain. Contact us today to request gutter cleaning in Fairfax Station, VA, and the surrounding areas. And don’t forget to ask about our landscaping services.

How Often Should You Schedule Gutter Cleaning?

To ensure the proper function of your gutter system, it’s important to schedule regular gutter cleaning services. The majority of property owners schedule a cleaning twice per year, once in May-June and again in November-December. However, the team at Craig’s Lawn Care is available to clean your gutters any time of the year when the weather permits, i.e., when the gutters aren’t frozen.

Count on our friendly and knowledgeable specialists to remove any blockages or loose debris from your roof, gutters, and downspouts that are preventing water from flowing correctly through your gutter system. You can also rely on us to address potential issues to help avoid future blockages.